Kush Eye Center

Kush Eye Center was established in the year 2011 as a private medical center working in the field of Ophthalmology. It is located in Omdurman City, which is the oldest and the biggest city in Khartoum State in Sudan. Kush Eye Center aims to contribute to the well being of the population of Sudan through its services that aim at prevention of blindness and improvement of vision.
Kush Eye Center commits itself to provide quality and up to date diagnostic and curative services for early detection and proper treatment of all eye diseases and particularly prevalent diseases in Sudan.
Kush Eye Center was launched with the vision of Sudan free from avoidable causes of blindness. Besides the therapeutic and preventive services mentioned above, it provides educational programs to junior doctors and medical and health staff in the field of ophthalmology and management of blindness and visual impairment in Sudan.

Our Vision

A leading provider of quality, affordable and innovative eye health and medical services in Sudan and the region

Our Mission

To reduce the incidence of blindness and to improve the vision of the population in Sudan through provision of high quality services that combat the causes of blindness, treat eye diseases and provide visual rehabilitation to those in need.

Our Values

PRIDE is our guide to individual and organizational values of performance we pursue:

P for Professionalism , R for Respect , I for Integrity, D for Diversity and E for Excellence.